Surviving Bankruptcy in Australia

We are firmly of the view that bankruptcy is a great opportunity to become debt free and reset your life both from a financial and personal point of view.  It is not about surviving bankruptcy; it is about maximising the benefit you get from bankruptcy.

As soon as you have the protection of bankruptcy most if not all of your debts are permanently gone. Your wages, household furniture and effects, tools of trade and car are protected within reason to give you the foundations to successfully reset your life and get going again debt free! Further, once you become bankrupt you can save from your wages in your bank account and your savings are protected.

To get the best result for you from bankruptcy we recommend that you take the time to understand how bankruptcy works and what you can do to maximise the benefit you get from your bankruptcy. You are welcome to give us a call on 1300 794 492 to discuss your circumstances and how bankruptcy will work for you.

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