Can I travel overseas while bankrupt

I need to go overseas. Is that possible?

You are able to travel and work anywhere within Australia freely but for overseas travel and overseas work, you will need the Trustee’s permission.
Bankruptcy does not stop you travelling overseas, so don’t believe what you might have heard. You will need permission from your Trustee, so that means some extra paperwork. It normally takes ten working days for the Trustee to process your request. For your travel to be denied you will have to have done something seriously wrong for the Trustee not to be able to approve your travel request.
Something to keep in mind – you will no longer have a credit card while you are bankrupt, so get yourself organised beforehand with a debit card, to make things easier when you travel. You should not have to give your passport to your Trustee. I know that Nicholls & Co does not ask for your passport.
If you wish to travel overseas for a holiday you will need to complete a ‘travel request form’. To give you some idea of the information you will need to supply, attached is the form that Nicholls & Co uses here.
If you are living and working overseas your Trustee can authorise this for you. You just have to make sure that you have replied to the Trustee’s correspondence and supplied everything the Trustee has asked – so as he can complete his paperwork and sign off on your travel.
If you are living overseas permanently you should complete a ‘travel request form’ applying for the entire period of your bankruptcy. The period your Trustee approves depends on your circumstances.
If you are working overseas on a non-permanent basis you should complete a ‘travel request form’ applying for travel to be approved for a six-month period. It is important that you remember to complete another ‘travel request form’ at the end of each six-month period to ensure you are meeting your obligations. Be aware that the Trustee will most likely ask you to provide written evidence from your employer showing that you are working overseas.

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