What Employment Restrictions For Bankrupts

Employment Restrictions for Bankrupts In Australia

The Bankruptcy Act does not impose employment restrictions for bankrupts. There may however be restrictions for persons who are either employed or self-employed where their work requires a licence from the government or industry body.

From our experience, the best advice we can give you is to contact the body that oversees your licence and ask them whether restrictions would be placed on you if you if you were to become bankrupt. Our observation is that each person is accessed on their own circumstances, so it is important that you talk to the body that controls your licence and discuss your situation.

If i go bankrupt can i still work

To give you some idea of the sort of employment restrictions for bankrupts we detail below feedback we received from a builder, solicitor and security guard when they became bankrupt:

Builder: not allowed a full builder’s licence but able to trade in a reduced capacity on a restricted licence.

Solicitor: able to continue practicing but not able to operate a trust account whilst bankrupt.

Security Guard: not able to keep working as a security guard

It is important that you talk to your industry body and discuss your circumstances to work out what restrictions if any would apply to your licence or registration.

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