How does bankruptcy affect you

Does Bankruptcy Reflect Badly On Me?

Bankruptcy does not reflect badly on you, no one has a guarantee that they will not be confronted by financial problems at some point in their life. Bankruptcy is about being responsible for the benefit of you and your family – it is a solution that allows you to resolve your financial problems and get going again. We all have difficulties in various forms during our lives that we must deal with and get past. If you are having financial difficulties, bankruptcy provides the solution for you to deal with and overcome those financial problems.

The best way to demonstrate that bankruptcy is a solution for insurmountable debt is to note that:

  1. most if not all of your debts are extinguished. They are permanently caught by your bankruptcy, as soon as you become bankrupt,
  2. during bankruptcy you can save in your ordinary bank account without limit,
  3. superannuation that you have accumulated over time is protected for your retirement and not available to your bankrupt estate
  4. superannuation your employer pays on your wages during your bankruptcy is protected for your retirement and not available to your bankrupt estate.
  5. your household furniture and effects are protected for you
  6. your cars and tools of the trade are protected up to a reasonable amount.
  7. your wages are protected to make sure you have adequate money to live.

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