Do you have to pay back debt after bankruptcies

Can I offer to pay my debts once I go bankrupt?

Can I offer to pay my debts once I go bankrupt?

So many people tell me they want to pay their debts but just can’t do it right now. As far as I’m concerned, if you want to repay what you owe after you have become bankrupt, that is totally your call. My opinion is that you should put the past behind you and focus on your life going forward, but I do understand that you may have a different opinion than me.

Once you become bankrupt you will find that bankruptcy changes the whole state of play. The debt is no longer yours, so your creditors and their debt collectors can no longer contact you and dictate terms – they can only talk to the Trustee. I recommend that you settle into the new bankruptcy life before you make any decisions.

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I hope this helps you. I recommend you work out how your life will work once you become bankrupt. I did this and it made the process much easier for me. If you have any questions please call me on 1300 794 492 or

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