Earn Good Money But It all Goes On Debt? Bankruptcy May Help

Hi, my name is Slade. In 2009 that was my story, I made good money but I was BROKE! I juggled payments, was afraid to answer the phone, and avoided opening mail. Bankruptcy changed all of that instantly. I could finally go to bed at night and actually sleep instead of tossing and turning, worrying about money – or the lack of it.

If my story sounds familiar to you may be bankruptcy can help you like it helped me.

I have listed four articles, in the grey box, that I think might be helpful to you. They will answer some of the common questions I receive from people like you every day. If you are not into reading or would just like to talk to someone who has been through bankruptcy you can give me a call. I spend most of my time these days, answering emails or taking calls from everyday people who need help navigating the mysterious world of bankruptcy. There are lots of myths and strange ideas about bankruptcy, if you just want the facts about how bankruptcy can help you, I will be happy to talk to you too. Don’t worry I know you are under financial stress and you don’t want anyone to know about your situation. My advice is free and totally confidential. Some people ask me how I can afford to provide free advice, well Alan Nicholls of Nicholls & Co covers my expenses. Like me, Alan is keen to see people get the best possible outcome from bankruptcy. Alan and I have been friends for many years, it was Alan who assisted me when I needed help, now it’s me who is providing the help to people like you.

I am on the phone a lot, talking to people who need my help, I may not be able to take your call if that’s the case just leave your number with reception and I will call you back. Talking to me is free and it may just change your life. You can call me for a chat on 1300 097 926 or you can email me hello@understandingbankruptcy.com.au