Bankruptcy Information

Getting On With Daily Life

For me, there was relief once I received notification that my bankruptcy had gone through.

Wages, Super and Spending

You will be able to live and pay your household bills once you are bankrupt.

What Alternatives Do I Have?

Before you make a decision you first consider all options available to you

Can I Travel or Work Overseas?

Bankruptcy does not stop you travelling or working overseas   ....

Can I own Anything?

You need to be across what assets and income you can keep to be able to consider bankruptcy.

Types of Debt Covered By Bankruptcy

I wanted to know whether all of my debts would be gone to give me a clean slate.

My Creditors are taking me to Court

Prior to my bankruptcy I found it very stressful not knowing what the creditors were going to do.

Business and Bankruptcy

 I was concerned that bankruptcy would not cover my personal and business debts.

What is bankruptcy? How does it work?

The best way I can summarise bankruptcy is that it is a legal term.

Applying For Bankruptcy

Having made the decision to file for bankruptcy, you have drawn a line in the sand and have taken control.

Filing For Bankruptcy - I'm here to Help

Ok, you have read this web site, are across how bankruptcy works and want to get the ball rolling.