Bankruptcy Help & Tips – Australia

Bankruptcy is about removing most, if not all the debts you cannot pay, decreasing your stress, and improving your quality of life

No matter where you live in Australia, we can help you. You are not alone; financial problems can be solved. Read our testimonials.

Tip: The bankruptcy laws are Commonwealth legislation; they apply Australia-wide.

Bankruptcy is the solution for your financial problems, not the consequence of your financial problems. It is about creating foundations for your future.

We provide a unique bankruptcy service; we listen, take the time to understand your circumstances, and then provide bankruptcy advice that is right by you.

We understand financial pressure – it can be cruel. We reach out to you to offer our help – talk and explain how bankruptcy works.

Tip: Bankruptcy captures and extinguishes all tax debt that is owing.

Bankruptcy is not just about dealing with the bills you cannot pay; it is also about having a life in the future.

Tip: Watch out for your health and wellbeing. By being attentive to this you will achieve so much more from your bankruptcy.

To answer this question, we will listen to what you have to say, answer your questions, help you to Understand Bankruptcy, and give you our expert bankruptcy advice. Then you decide whether declaring bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Our bankruptcy help is holistic. Bankruptcy is not just that you cannot pay your debts, it is also about regaining control, reducing stress, and being able to make decisions about your future.

Many people do not realise the extent that financial pressure can cripple and destroy all aspects of your life. It can cause marriage, physical health, and mental health problems. Like a wrecking ball going through your life.

We believe in bankruptcy; it does save lives and marriages.

Financial problems can be fixed. We help you to consider holistically whether declaring bankruptcy is the right choice for you. It is important for your health and wellbeing that you live without stress and regain control of your finances.

No matter where you live in Australia, we can help you to Understand Bankruptcy. You can quickly be free of debt, free of stress, and enjoying a fresh start with your finances.

People we talk to often tell us how they feel much more relaxed from talking to us. Bankruptcy is a healing process that needs to be kept calm and clear. This is important, whether you are talking to a bankruptcy attorney or a friend who is trying to help. For you to relax and remove your financial stress it is important that you feel heard and respected. We consider this to be a human right, not a privilege.

Tip: You are not alone, over 9,000 people per year from all walks of life use bankruptcy to resolve their insurmountable debt including Doctors, Solicitors, Accountants, Nurses, Teachers, Tradies, Taxi Drivers, Labourers.

Tip: Owing money does not make you a criminal, it is a financial problem to be fixed. In Australia, bankruptcy is the commercial and legal process for insurmountable debt to be dealt with.

Bankruptcy is the solution for your financial problems, and this creates the opportunity for you to have a future. The quality of your journey through bankruptcy is part and parcel of your solution. If you would like, we can help you to source a cost-free Trustee that you are comfortable with to help you through bankruptcy. It is all about putting together a total and quality solution for you.

Do you know: When you become bankrupt, a Trustee is appointed to administer your bankruptcy and if you act before you become bankrupt, you can select the Trustee.

Tip: Before lodging, your Bankruptcy Form, organise a Trustee you are comfortable with to look after your bankruptcy.

What you need to do: Attach and lodge the Trustee’s Consent Form with your Bankruptcy Form.

Reason: If you do not select your Trustee and your bankruptcy has funds, AFSA will allocate your bankruptcy to a Trustee without your say and you might not like the Trustee they appoint. You cannot change from the Trustee AFSA appoints.

Chances are, you will have a lot of questions about bankruptcy. We are often asked about bankruptcy and tax debt. We will answer all your questions with clear answers. You are not alone, a quick call for a chat will cost nothing and start the ball rolling for you to get answers to your questions. We are often told, ‘from having spoken to you I had a good night’s sleep last night’.

Let’s work through this together. You do not have to leave home, just pick up the phone for a chat and we will give you our time, help, and bankruptcy advice.

It is important that you know you can call 1300 794 492 or email us for help without cost or obligation.

We understand financial pressure – it can be cruel. We reach out to you – offer our help – talk – explain how bankruptcy works and answer your questions – without obligation.

We want to make the process of declaring bankruptcy as easy as possible for you. To obtain the protection of bankruptcy and remove most, if not all your debts it is necessary to complete a 23-page form, detailing your financial affairs and some personal details. We have helped thousands of people to complete their bankruptcy form and we can help you. We explain the questions and information to be provided in your answers. Then, when you are happy, we lodge it on your behalf for our fixed fee of $330