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Bankruptcy is about getting you past your swamping debt, back on your feet and on with your life. Excessive debt can be destructive, causing sickness, relationship problems, employment problems, social issues and depression. Avoiding excessive debt is in your and society's best interests.
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Personal Bankruptcy Story

Hi, My name is Slade. I have a background in finance and ran my own business for years. In 2009, I filed for personal bankruptcy and turned my life around. You can too!

How We Can Help You Better Understand what Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy

Call us for an honest conversation on bankruptcy, without cost or obligation. We will listen to you and discuss your circumstances, aiming to address your concerns about what happens when you declare bankruptcy and reduce your stress about understanding the bankruptcy process. Our friendly team will answer your questions and explain how bankruptcy works, without judgement or obligation.


It is important to take the time to think about how your life will change once you have the protection of bankruptcy and no debt.


Your superannuation is safe, it does not form part of your bankrupt estate.


Arrangements for your family - an introduction to what you need to know.


Still have questions? We've got you covered with these helpful faqs.

What is Bankruptcy?

Choosing bankruptcy is generally used as a last resort for people struggling with unmanageable debt, and who have no other way of resolving the problem. It can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, but can also be the best decision to make. Without cost or obligation all debt caught by bankruptcy will be permanently removed.

How Does Bankruptcy Work?

Bankruptcy also gives the foundations to be able go forward with your life. Your wages will be protected and you can save from your wages in your bank account. There is also the stress relief that it can provide. Bankruptcy can be a good option  if you are in serious financial difficulty. We’re here to help you through the stressful process of bankruptcy. To give you a better understanding of what bankruptcy actually is, have a read through this article.


Getting On With Daily Life

For me, there was relief once I received notification that my bankruptcy had gone through.

Wages, Super and Spending

You will be able to live and pay your household bills once you are bankrupt.

What Alternatives Do I Have?

Before you make a decision you first consider all options available to you.

Can I Travel or Work Overseas?

Bankruptcy does not stop you travelling or working overseas ....

Bankruptcy We're here every step of the way

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    Types of Debt Covered by Bankruptcy

    We understand that when you file for bankruptcy, you want to know if all debts will be gone so you have a clean slate, and if not, what debts you will need to pay on your own. If you understand the bankruptcy process, you will know what debts will be discharged by bankruptcy and feel more comfortable with bankruptcy as a solution.


    "I knew you were going to look after me"

    I wanted to let you know that when I first realised that bankruptcy was going to be my cause of action and not understanding bankruptcy as it’s a very scary and confronting for anybody.

    When my friend gave me your number and I spoke to you the first time, i knew you were going to look after me by the way you come across on the phone Slade.
    You explained everything to me in detail and was very understanding of my situation. You always put me at ease after our phone call and I never felt guilty about my decisions. So thank you for helping me with this huge transition in my life.

    Thank you for your professionalism and if any of my friends in the same situation I will be recommending them to talk to you.

    – Julie, Stanmore

    "You made me feel so genuinely cared for"

    Hi Slade, I made contact with you as I thought my world was falling apart. I thought that the process of declaring bankruptcy was going to be humiliating and degrading, however, it was the exact opposite.

    Slade, you made me feel so genuinely cared for and kept reinforcing the fact that this can be the start of a new and exciting future. It took time for me to believe this could be possible but you and the amazing team that I have worked with have given me fantastic support.

    I think in life we all search for something to help define who we are. Slade, you and the team have helped me to remember that I still have value and can contribute to the workforce in a positive way. In short, you have given me great hope for the future and for that I can’t thank you enough.

    – Franc, Footscray

    "High level of service"

    Dear Slade, After speaking with you again today about aspects of my bankruptcy process, I found myself thinking about the many times we have spoken on the phone and email.

    The very first time I was lucky enough to have my initial phone call put through to you, I got a lot of many daunting and worrying questions answered as well as explained to me. This was done clearly, concisely and in a most professional way.As always in a congenial, conversational manner. To this day the same is true.

    Your high level of service and the processes you explained are falling into place along the time lines you advised and that is great,
    I always hang up the phone feeling reassured.

    – Keith, Cannington